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Welcome 2015 – 100 Miles in 14 Days

This time of year folks are throwing around all sorts of resolutions…

I’m going to pump some serious iron this year.

I’m going to eat kale-wrapped wheat grass for breakfast everyday.

I’ll be a super-friend to everyone.

The unfortunate reality is that roughly 60-70% of those same well intended folks will fail for a variety of reasons.  But, there are some ways to increase the likelihood of success, such as:

  • publicly declaring your personal challenge
  • making it a SMART (Specific-Measurable-Actionable-Realistic-Timely) goal

By doing so, success rates increase exponentially.

So, to start the year, our team invites you to join us in a cycling challenge, specifically mountain biking 100 dirt miles in 14 days (between January 7 and January 20).  What’s more daunting, the mileage in the timeframe, the short days or the beautiful weather this time of year?

Join us by publicly declaring your acceptance of the challenge and adding comments/updates on your progress.100_14

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