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Sponsor spotlight: Dumonde Tech

One of our new sponsors for the 2015 racing season is Dumonde Tech.  Dumonde tech makes a wide range of lubricants for bicycles and motorsports.  They were founded in Kirkland, WA in 1985 and started with go-kart lube and expanded from there.

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Dumonde Tech provided the Bike Masters racing team with small sample bottles of their regular chain lube as well as their lite chain lube.  I’ve had a chance to try their lite weight version over the last couple of months on both my road and mountain bikes.  It’s worth noting that Dumonde Tech recommends their regular chain lube for mountain biking: muddy, wet, sloppy conditions.  They recommend their lite lube for road biking, or for dry conditions mountain biking.

The instructions that came with both lubricants is the same: clean and dry chain thoroughly, being sure to remove other lubricants and dirt.  Apply the lube to the chain, then wipe off excess until the chain looks dry.  Dumonde Tech’s literature says that their lube will create a plastic coat on the chain, which will both lubricate and protect the chain.

I disregarded the instructions and used the lite lube on both my road bike and my mountain bike.  Then, I started racking up the miles.  Dumonde Tech says to go by the sound of your chain, rather than the look, to know when to reapply the lube.  My road bike went close to 500 miles before I heard a squeak start.  That’s far better than most lubes that I’ve used in the past.

I was surprised how long the lube lasted on my mountain bike chain, as well.  It lasted through two long rides (25+ miles) in the wet, including a full post-ride wash down.  Most other lubes I’ve used would need to be reapplied after one such ride, especially with a wash.  As a matter of fact, I’ve used chain lubricants that wouldn’t even last through one winter ride in the Pacific Northwest.

Dumonde Tech chain lube holds up very well through the miles.  It applies just as easily as any other chain lube, but lasts longer.  I will definitely continue to use their chain lubricants on all of my bikes throughout the remainder of the race season(s) and update my review as needed.

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